Bike Care Tips: How to change a bike’s battery, A Step-by-step guide

Bike Care Tips: One of the extra frequent points that house owners of bikes or scooters could have is a lifeless battery, notably if their car has been idle for a while. Using an Optimate trickle charger is a great method to fight this concern. If you’re not going to be utilizing your battery for some time, it may well assist preserve it wholesome and absolutely charged, presumably even extending its life.

The excellent news is that changing a lifeless battery is likely one of the best issues to carry out if you happen to ought to end up in that scenario! In this text, we’ll let you know how one can substitute your bike’s battery.

Bike Care Tips: How to alter a motorcycle’s battery

Remove the battery

You ought to take the bike’s battery out very first thing in your to-do checklist. Batteries are often positioned beneath the bike seat. Some fashions would possibly want a key to be able to take away the seat and entry the elements beneath. You may also have to take away a aspect panel to be able to attain the battery, relying on the place it’s positioned. Make certain your ignition change is within the off place earlier than you begin.

Once you’ve positioned it, take off the protection straps defending the battery and gently pull it out to disclose the cables. First, take the road out of the adverse terminal with a wrench.

Clean the connectors

After eradicating the battery, look over your cable connectors. If there’s any corrosion on them, give them a wire brush cleansing.

Replace the battery

When inserting the brand new battery, slide it into place and connect the wires to the terminals. First connect the constructive aspect, then the adverse aspect. After utilizing the safety belt to maintain every thing in place, reinstall the bike seat.

Tips to enhance your battery’s life

  • Make certain you keep away from retaining your bike in storage for a very long time.
  • Every once in a while, go for a motorcycle journey! Limit the variety of short-distance travels as properly. You’ll want to often journey farther distances to be able to absolutely cost your battery.
  • Additionally, keep away from plugging in too many electrical equipment in your bike, comparable to additional lights, alarm clocks, and different devices, as they could deplete its battery.

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